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Who's Medicine Man?

Medicine Man is a Soul-Being with abilities to interact with different dimensions through every Living Being and what is everything around it.
His own Knowledge has a Cosmic origin, which is reflected in the Nature of the Mineral, Vegetable, Animal and Human species.
-  "Medicine" is for the Native Americans a Knowledge and Power synonymous, this last understood as the ability to act, recognize, manage and use Knowledge properly (Cosmic Code or Information), and it is the Way of Beauty's Sacred Principle where everything is constantly changing with the consequent Harmony of all Creative Energies of the Universes in synergy.
-  Knowledge is conveyed orally through ceremonies, rites and secret meetings. These have the value of Protection and Blessing and based on the Balance of the Four Essential Principles: Spirit, Emotions, Body, Mind (or Medicine Wheel) and aim to preserve or restore the harmony of the natural energy flows of living matter and its physical, chemical and spiritual reactions.
-  The skills of the Medicine Man have no limits since they are the result (or natural gift - dowry) of a knowledge, studies, research and experiences in any aspect of Life. In order to be able to practice and spread this knowledge, the Medicine Man need disciplines on which the motivations of "why" and "when" are founded.
He acts by free will with objective responsibility, using songs, prayers, sounds, crystals, herbs, manipulations, operations non-rational and scientifically describable, asking the Ancestors or other entities to assist him during rituals. The practice may carry a high risk for the Medicine Man since he may takes "suffering or discomfort" from others body and transfer it to its own with the intent to transform it according to known or created methods, to then expel it to avoid any damage.
-  Today Medicine Man and Medicine Woman also attend the hospitals and they are working together to achieve the best results for the people and animals they need.
-  The Medicine Man unlike the Sciamanic practice, acts by his own Conscience and Knowledge without use psychotropic substances.

-  The role of the Medicine Man is still very important today for the Tribal communities so that since the past it has the sacred task of protecting the Knowledge and spread it in the best way. Some roles to live it into communities and families, inevitably accompanying the evolution of the human species to share this experience of life with the rest of Living Nature of which the Cosmos is the medium of the whole wonderful Creation.
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Jo’Hán Chánt’Ney
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