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Administration Department

Currently it is charged to the owner and efficently coordinated it in two work-stations:
Registered Fiscal Office[RFO]
Digital Mobile Station[DMS].

Segretery > The connection of these two work-stations creates an automatic satellite geolocation system controlled by the Authorities of the transit or stay States. Introduced as an International Secretariat Service, communications and operations are handled anywhere in the shortest possible time, since it is not a virtual structure and is therefore managed by human resources.

Bookkeping > Accounting and Employment Consultant is managed by authorized Private Professional Studio.

Archives > Archives are preserved as digital and paper into unmentioned places for security.

Clients Dept. > Customer service is a service of management and protection of information and privacy. Every natural or legal person is identified by a Code produced by the Security Office. The data and information held by KJC's aren't freely accessible from anyone. Private or military authorities need to request access to data with serious motivation. Government agencies have their own data access systems for which KJC's cannot guarantee in these cases.

"The Research of"

Before using a pencil and create a drawing, KJC conducts a detailed research to obtain as much information as possible suitable to be able to define which topic or theme needs to be analyzed for a project, subsequently.
The reasons are:
- to avoid the occurrence of a similarity with other existing manufactured products; the components of a new design mustn’t contain common elements of figurative content so asn’t to confuse them with a visual and advertising communication in the market of another existing design.
- to achieve the result by giving the right meaning to the project;
- to arouse "historical" and / or "ethnic" emotions through the drawn image (or simulation of the context).
The research also consists in finding new techniques through figurative art.

Study Techniques

To create an image that is advertising or simply identifying commercial brands, KJC uses the synchrony of essential elements that play the role of the "communicative preselection" (the one hidden behind the real communicative representation that affects the interest of those who is watching).
To name a few: subjectivity, environment, context, purpose, and so on. The study isn’t based exclusively on the personal choice of KJC but above all on the timeshare of the real purpose that the image must have, therefore the impact on "Visual" Communication.
The purpose is never subject to degradation and to the pleasure of others; in order not to make the mistake of contributing to an unsolicited and non-objective communication (the one that the author intends to expose in the communication market).

Work Techniques

The KJC's planning work is the employ of every aspect of the creative matter, leaving preceding what have been defined as "guiding procedures" for each actual realization.
The technical support works to allow the complicity of all the instruments taken into consideration not attacked by the author's style or by the production; allowing the use of all the tools necessary for the realization suitable for prints, digital supports, etc.
It’s the Result of the realization that identifies the working technique used by KJC.

The Project

For the graphic design, the KJC's system is discreet until complete. The project is made entirely by the own production.
For a multimedia or scenic project, KJC needs other complementary, professional structures that collaborate, both in the realization and in the management of the obtained resources, collected or made available from the author or Production in some cases. (Executive Office).

The Style

KJC has its own style for which it identifies with it.
In the methods of graphic and scenographic realization of the visual image, directed to some range of users, it does not transmit its own style but the one appropriate to the topic suggested by the Author, which satisfies both without altering the objective of the Communication itself, the choice of the Author.
The preferred style for graphic creations is composed of a set of information about sacred geometry, alchemical ties, numerology, metaphysics, sound and color vibrations, emotional frequencies.
Styles can be modified by KJC to emphasize the interest of the visual commercial request. KJC also adopts styles that can identify or imply belonging to certain societies, ethnicities, cultures, technologies, trends and life choices.

The Color choosing

In the phases of realization of the visual image, the KJC's technical intervention, puts the colors in relation and in conflict, so that they form a harmonious and pleasant color scheme, suitable for representing different scenic and psychological contexts.
Color frequencies are researched or created for special effects and stimulate the limbic system for a more conscious opening.

The Consultancy

The consultancy is addressed in graphic design environments and in all structures that need to communicate their business through the image.
Consultancy services are available on the request for customized graphic formats, targeted research elements, creative and managerial solutions.
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