Balance of Synergies - Jo'Han Chant'Ney

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Wellness and Healtcare
Balance of Synergies
Educational Meeting for Research, Sharing and Conscious Growth
- Balance of Masculine and Feminine in Relationships -

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Project created by Handye, Jo'Hàn Chànt'Ney and Sigrid Seberich on 2019.          © Copyright 2019 KJC
Copyright 2019 Jo'Han Chant'Ney
  Meeting 2020    <Handye, Jo'Han Chant'Ney>   <Sigrid Seberich>   <PhotoGallery>
  Infotainment - Date: February 8  - City/Country: DEISENHOFEN (MUNCHEN), Germany - Location: Ostheopatie Studio
  1st - Date: April 24-25; May 15-16 - City/Country: LAIVES (BOLZANO), Italy - Location: Centro Giovanile Nologo (?)
Method created and developped by Jo'Hán Chánt'Ney 's personal Knowledge, belonging to he Diné Tribe in Arizona (Navajo Nation), Grand Canyon.
Jo'Hán offers 4 scheduled meetings, adapting his method to the structures and real needs of the European and international Population. Inquiry is explored as how the feminine-masculine inbalance affects the human behavior. Verbal and Non-Verbal languages are elaborated through the Senses and Breathing from which their usual behavioral structures arise.
It's a project through witch the female and male energy aspects of the human body are stimulated to achieve their balance, to self-balance in a natural way.
Achievable results:
- You heal the relationship with yourself and your fellows;
- You learn to activate your creative power and to stimulate your self-healing powers;
- You get access to better self-management, and more.
Physical exercises in function of particular respirations are the basis of the self-healing method.
- Copyright 2018 KJC's Eagle Creations -

Jo’Hán Chánt’Ney
Medicine Man of the Grand Canyon, Arizona - Alien and Keeper of the Diné Spiritual Heritage
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