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C.M.A. eDigital Card

C.M.A. eDigital Card

It's a digital card created at first to economically facilitate those who need multiple or planned treatments for the whole desiderable well-being, according to the methods described in the HealthWellbeingBalance section of this site. It’s a not printable card to avoid magnetic supports. The owner of the Card is the KJC’s Office.
Visible data: Technical Structure of the “C.M.A. eDigital Card”
HIN Holder Identification Number/possessor [Icode] - Assignment Category [C_] - Value of discount on services [%] - Validity [issue-expiry] - NSAC Numerical Sequence Archiving Code [4HBW] - Ownership of the digital medium [KJC's Official Emblemus]
The Icode is created by KJC’s Security Office.

Hidden or unvisible data:
Holder Identification, personal and sensitive data - Chronology Usable Services - Documentation Archive - Agreements with other services and/or authorized Professionist.

What’s it for:
The C.M.A. eDigital Card allows you to take advantage of the reductions on the costs of the Treatments and Consultancy services listed in the <HealthcareWellnessBalance> section; the reduction is quantified as a percentage. The eDigital Card is valid for 6 months, renewable and the cost is based on the preferred category <see costs /categories>
Activation of using is included in the cost, payable at first time you will.
Also useful for: Free electronic sending of invoices and personal documents with pec-mail service.

How to get it:
Send a presetted e-mail by clicking on this link: <C.M.A. eDigital Card Request>
You will receive a confirmation e-mail and a simple form to fill in, with your data. (for help please contact + 39-331-4079441).
Notification will be send you within a few working days and then the C.M.A. eDigital Card to the email address provided in the form, in jpeg or pdf format. Please choose to receive it by WhatsApp if you prefer.
It is suggested to save it on your mobile phone or electronic devices for to be viewed at any time of using.

Where, when and how to use it:
Wherever the <listed services> are exclusively performed out by the Medicine Man data controller, thus a professional services; in other locations if other < authorized operators > have joined the initiative.
Use C.M.A. eDigital Card's categories when you need or want a previously established appointment and show it to the professional Operator at the performing time of the service you chosen.
The C.M.A. eDigital Card must be shown together with a personal document (Identity Card, Passport or Healthcard) to the authorized Operator if isn't the owner of the eDigital Card.

General Info:
The eDigital Card is personal and cannot be used by others.
Immediately notify to KJC's Adm. Office if the eDigital Card is not available.
In case of particular situations, a further sending of the Card may be requested by contacting the KJC Office directly at the e-mail address: eagle@johanchantney.org or calling +39. 331- 4079441.
The holder/possessor of the C.M.A. eDigital Card is responsible for its management, migration and archiving in all electronic media used.
The KJC's Office, for security reasons and respect for privacy, doesn't provide information about the holders of the Card.
The holder will be notified in case of the request only comes from the Public Security Services, for reasons known to the KJC Office.
- Copyright 2018 KJC's Eagle Creations -

Jo’Hán Chánt’Ney
Medicine Man of the Grand Canyon, Arizona         Alien and Keeper of the Diné Spiritual Heritage
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